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‘Worlds Between’ gets 5 stars in first review

‘Worlds Between’ gets 5 stars in first review

‘Worlds Between’, the second novel of The River of Lakes trilogy, will be published on November 6th and Foreword Reviews was the first to review it. They gave it five out of five stars (actually, they gave it five out of five hearts).

“At its heart, Worlds Between is an accessible, engaging, and sympathetic tale of families and cultures, and the choices that shape them. It will please fans of historical fiction, family sagas, and stories from around the world.”

The reception the first novel of the trilogy, ‘The 53rd Parallel’, received from readers was very gratifying. It’s now on sale at the Quiet Man Museum in Cong in the West of Ireland, as well as the Museum of Ojibwe Culture in Michigan. It was reviewed by 32 Amazon reviewers and got five stars from each of them. And it was an International Best Seller on Kobo Books in the historical fiction category.

‘The 53rd Parallel’ was my first novel, and first novelists face a difficult challenge in getting reviews, so I was delighted ‘Worlds Between’ was able to get some pre-pub attention.

I am nearing the end of the trilogy, nearly 400 pages into ‘Grassy Narrows’; in fact, I think I just started the last chapter. It is scheduled for publication in the last spring 2016.

‘Worlds Between’ is now on sale at Amazon.

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